Tuesday 16 January 2018


The Simly Dam is about 80 meters high earthen embankment dam on the Soan River, 30 kilometers east of Islamabad, Pakistan.  It was developed by the Capital Development Authority, Planning for the dam began in 1962 and it was not completed when expected in 1972 due to project delays. It was completed in 1983.

Simly Dam lies between Islamabad and Kotli Sattian. The water of this dam is stored and supplied to the Federal capital for drinking purposes. The water stored in this dam is fed by melting snow and the natural springs of Murree and Kotli Sattian hills. Angling and boating are also allowed on the lake, but you need to have permit for fishing from Capital Development Authority, Islamabad. 

The dam is tucked away in a nice sleepy area, where there are hardly any passer byes leave aside tourists. It is such a shame that this place could be developed into such a beautiful little family picnic abode but probably since it is outside the jurisdiction Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) limits, therefore CDA does not seem to be interested in developing it.

There is only one guest house in Simly Dam, operated by CDA, Islamabad. Before you plan to stay here, you need to have permission to stay and visit this beautiful guest house from CDA head office located in Islamabad.

About 100 meters before the Simly Dam, a road leads to Patriata via Karor and Bunn.

The Kotli Sattian region is quite favourable for the construction of dams for small purposes. However, the government does not initiate any plan in this region. Lakes can be easily constructed with nominal cost and labour. The natural fountains and streams connected with these fountains have ample water, which is always pure and fresh. The gift of nature can be stored in small dams and lakes and thereafter the pure water be supplied to the Islamabad. Moreover, such constructive stops on the part of the government will enrich the beauty of the region and consequently prove the best tourist spots, adjacent to Islamabad and easily approaching to all.

Photo by : Khizer Bajwa

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