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Saturday 5 May 2018


Dr Nelofar Rauf Satti is a full time faculty member at National institute of psychology, centre of excellence, Quaid -i-Azam university, Islamabad. She completed her PhD in Developmental psychology from the same institution. Her PhD research work is with families of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She presented and published her research work on various national and international platforms. Currently she is teaching and supervising research projects at postgraduate level. She is an active member of World Autism Association. Dr Nelofar is the daughter of former Chief Flying Instructor Rawalpindi Flying Club, Raja Abdul Rauf Satti (Late) of Lehtrar (Pallan).


"Characteristic Symptoms and Adaptive Behaviours of Children with Autism"
"Parental Stress and Autism: Differences in Perceived Stress and Coping Behaviour"
"Depleting Cultural Heritage"

Sunday 25 March 2018


Waqar Satti is a senior correspondent of Geo TV Network. He is active in the field of journalism since January 1998 as he possesses extensive experience in reporting, which is helping him to move forward to the new heights. Waqar Satti holds prestigious position in the journalism industry of Pakistan. Rawalpindi based journalist completed his high school from Khalifa Bin Zaid School & College Abu Dhabi, and he earned his Bachelor's degree from Rawalpindi College of Commerce.

Waqar initially worked as a reporter in an Urdu Daily Newspaper ‘Jehan’. His experience in reporting led him to work for Express News Television. He is very well versed with the proper and in depth coverage of political activities. He had opportunity to cover multiple political events, his reporting was beyond a doubt clear and wide.

Waqar has been active in Journalist’s union. He is a former president of Rawalpindi and Islamabad Union of Journalists (RIUJ). Currently he has the charge of office of secretary finance of National Press Club Islamabad.

Waqar’s experience led him to become a part of launch team of 92 News. His hard work paid off as 92 News successfully launched on time. All the launching related matters and tasks were carried out in a professional manner by the launch team. In May 2015, Waqar resigned from 92 News and joined Geo News as a senior correspondent.

Monday 5 March 2018


Pervaiz Satti is a clinical psychologist, a lawyer and a philanthropist. He worked in an international project of World Health Organisation (WHO) as a clinical psychologist, he had been working in various states of America, having International Affiliate status of American Psychological Association Washington D.C since 1997. Prior to this he worked as a clinical psychologist in the department of Psychiatry Rawalpindi General Hospital (now Benazir Bhutto Hospital).

Currently he is residing in Islamabad and imparting free psychological services to deserving cases about mental health counselling and psychotherapy in Islamabad, United kingdom and United States. He has profound inclination for humanitarianism and innate tendency of philanthropy.

Pervaiz Satti obtained his PhD in clinical psychology and he earned his masters degree with university distinction.

In addition to this he is a lawyer as well. His law degree helped him greatly in his research work in the field of "psychology and criminology", "hates and crimes", "cognitive functions and abnormal behaviours".  

Thursday 25 January 2018


The different areas of the Subdivision Kotli Sattian vary greatly from each other. The highest point in the Subdivision is at Phofandi Peak, which is over 7,035 ft above sea level. The lowest point is on the River Jhelum near Pattan, which is only 1,587 ft above sea level. 

The Subdivision posses a unique position on account of its strategic location, climate, environment and scenery produce a general characteristics. The shortest and safest route that connects the Federal Capital to the sensitive frontiers of Kashmir is through this subdivision. The high walls of mountains on the northeast side, protects the Federal Capital as a fortress. As the homeland of most of the in-service and retired forces personnel, it stands surety to the well-being of the motherland. The Federal Capital, to some extent, depends on this area for water supply, construction materials, fruits, vegetables, poultry and much of the labour force.  


Monday 22 January 2018


Zafar Ullah Satti of Pakistan was the world's tallest person of the time (1998-2003) at 2.28m (7ft 7in). He was born in Narrar, Kahuta in Rawalpindi district of Pakistan. He began to experience phenomenal growth when he was about 14 years old, growing at an alarming two centimeters a day.

He became the world's tallest person in 1998 after the death of Haji Mohammad Alam Channa, who was reported to be 7 ft 8 inches tall.

He was recruited as a basketball player but his career was cut short after a few months. Satti weighed 150kg, and he had to use a walking stick to support his huge frame. He also worked for AWC.

Zafarullah Satti said in an interview during his visit to Malaysia in 2000, "I want to tell the people, especially those in authority, to give fair treatment to people like us who are not like normal people. "We are also human, and we want to live a life like any normal person would,"

In addition, he said although he liked the attention that people gave every time he appeared in public, his life could be lonely at times.

Zafarullah Satti died at the age of 30, on 23 February 2003 of cancer in a hospital in Islamabad, and is buried in his native graveyard at Narrar (Katara) in Kahuta, Rawalpindi.

Tuesday 16 January 2018


The Simly Dam is about 80 meters high earthen embankment dam on the Soan River, 30 kilometers east of Islamabad, Pakistan.  It was developed by the Capital Development Authority, Planning for the dam began in 1962 and it was not completed when expected in 1972 due to project delays. It was completed in 1983.

Simly Dam lies between Islamabad and Kotli Sattian. The water of this dam is stored and supplied to the Federal capital for drinking purposes. The water stored in this dam is fed by melting snow and the natural springs of Murree and Kotli Sattian hills. Angling and boating are also allowed on the lake, but you need to have permit for fishing from Capital Development Authority, Islamabad. 

The dam is tucked away in a nice sleepy area, where there are hardly any passer byes leave aside tourists. It is such a shame that this place could be developed into such a beautiful little family picnic abode but probably since it is outside the jurisdiction Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) limits, therefore CDA does not seem to be interested in developing it.

There is only one guest house in Simly Dam, operated by CDA, Islamabad. Before you plan to stay here, you need to have permission to stay and visit this beautiful guest house from CDA head office located in Islamabad.

About 100 meters before the Simly Dam, a road leads to Patriata via Karor and Bunn.

The Kotli Sattian region is quite favourable for the construction of dams for small purposes. However, the government does not initiate any plan in this region. Lakes can be easily constructed with nominal cost and labour. The natural fountains and streams connected with these fountains have ample water, which is always pure and fresh. The gift of nature can be stored in small dams and lakes and thereafter the pure water be supplied to the Islamabad. Moreover, such constructive stops on the part of the government will enrich the beauty of the region and consequently prove the best tourist spots, adjacent to Islamabad and easily approaching to all.

Photo by : Khizer Bajwa

Wednesday 10 January 2018


Dr Rabab Satti is a former assistant Professor of Quaid-I-Azam university Islamabad. She earned her PhD in biochemistry and Molecular microbiology from University of York, UK. She holds an M.Sc in (Biochemistry 2000-2002), M Phil (Biotechnology, 2003-2005) from Quaid-I-Azam university, Islamabad, Pakistan.

She is the Winner of prestigious Higher Education Commission Postgraduate fellowship award (£100,000) in 2006. In 2013, she received 0.25 million pounds each year for 2 years Early Career Research Award (ECRA) for Young Scientist on a Project Titled Molecular Characterization of LIPH protein.

Rabab Satti joined the Quaid-I-Azam university as an assistant professor on Interim Placement of Fresh PhDs Programme for one year and in 2013, and upgraded to the university payroll. She was awarded department grant for supervising M Phil students on her projects during her stay in Quaid-I-Azam university as an assistant Professor. Her first grant was also approved as Principal investigator and she supervised three M Phil students. Rabab Satti was actively involved in (M.Sc/M Phil), teaching, Research and as administration activities.

Publications by Rabab Satti
  • A novel deletion mutation in the DSG4 gene underlies autosomal recessive hypotrichosis with variable phenotype in two unrelated consanguineous families.
  • DNA induces Conformational changes in a recombinant human mini chromosome maintenance complex. Hesketh EL, Parker-Manuel RP, Chaban Y, Satti R, Coverley D, Orlova EV, Chong JP. J Biol Chem. 2015. 20;290(12):79739
  • Prevalence of Hepatitis C Virus in Urban Ghettos of Twin Cities

  •          Click here for her research work "Modulation of MCM helicase activity

Sunday 12 November 2017


On the southwest side of the Kotli Sattian lies the well known village KAROR which is quite adjacent to the Islamabad. It is the settlement of the great warriors of the first and Second World Wars.

The village is situated about 22 km from Kotli Sattian and is easily approachable by metal roads from all sides. The village area is 3,001 acres. The soil is suitable for cultivating local crops but the inhabitants prefer to get employment in cities and towns. Forty percent of the population of the village has temporarily shifted to the big cities to avail themselves to the modern facilities and to have their children educated in the better schools.

The average household size in 5.8% and rate of literacy is 78.5%
Karor is a Patwar Circle and headquarters of the union council. There are two high schools, one for boys and one for girls. There is also a middle school for boys and two primary schools for both sexes in every settlement.

 Karor also has a police post that was established in the beginning of the British rule. A forest range with a rest house also exists. Moreover, a B.H.U., agricultural extension service, sub post office. A small bazar and a bank are also available as an amenity.

How to get there from Islamabad

Take Lehtrar road from Islamabad and turn left from Chirah chowk towards Simli Dam and Patriata. In about fifteen minutes, you would bypass Simli Dam and see the spill way on your left, drive another 10-15 minutes through hills and it will lead you to Karore.


                                                    Photo by Rocking Jungly
Photo by Khizer Bajwa

                                   Reference : "A handbook of Kotli Sattian"


Daughter of Ex Brigadier Sadiq Khan SattiZeenia Sadiq Satti is a geopolitical and security analyst based in Islamabad, Pakistan.

She has studied International Relations and Middle Eastern Affairs at Harvard University, MIT, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, USA. She is a former Harvard teaching fellow.

She is the Founding Executive Director of PPLDM, Pakistan's People Led Disaster Management. She lives and works in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Previously she worked as a security analyst, an energy consultant and analyst of energy geopolitics based in Washington DC.

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Saturday 11 November 2017

Visit Kotli Sattian - The Beautiful

Kotli Sattian is just 28.5 miles away from mainstream Islamabad City, The Federal Capital of Pakistan, is highly rich in natural beauty. Its physical features with its variety in choices attract everybody’s attention. Its high and low hills that gradually rise and fall, the vertical spurs with their gentle and steep slopes, the narrow and wide gaps, rocky plateaus, evergreen valleys with winding roads and paths along with the rivers and streams, natural falls and springs are worthwhile seeing and quite beautiful.

                               Click here to watch video of Kotli Sattian

Friday 3 November 2017

15 Schools of Tehsil Murree and Kotli Sattian upgraded to higher levels

 The Punjab government has upgraded 15 schools to the levels of elementary, secondary and higher secondary in the constituency of PP-1 Punjab. These schools are situated in different Union Councils of Tehsil Murree and Kotli Sattian. 107 posts are also created following the demand of the staff after the up-gradation of 15 schools recently approved by Punjab Government.
While talking to Capital Times Arshed Abbasi PMLN leader and coordinator to Provincial Minister for Labour and Men Power Raja Ashfaq Sarwar confirmed the news and said that keeping in view the need of the students to upgrade these schools Provincial Minister and PMLN leadership of the area made every efforts and finally 15 schools are upgraded to next levels.
A senior official of the education department told Capital Times that the ruling party’s leader Raja Ashfaq Sarwar had recommended the schemes which the provincial government approved.
“We are happy that we will have to go nowhere else as our own school has been upgraded to high school,” said Maria, a student. “We are from poor families and it was difficult for us to send our daughters to remote areas to seek education for matric classes. Upgradation of the school has resolved our problems,” said a group of parents.
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Pakistan's People Led Disaster Management Movement , (PPLDM) is based on the belief that disaster management should be in the hands of...