Friday 17 August 2018


Congratulations to Imran on becoming the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan. We pray you may deliver to the best interest of Pakistan and it’s people.

Tuesday 14 August 2018

Let’s make some Independence Day Resolutions

We only enjoy Independence Day as a public holiday and are less interested in thinking about building up the country and doing something which can help the country progress. We, as individuals, never make any commitment with ourselves or spare the time to make an Independence Day resolution.

Time demands every individual to make a resolution not only for their own progress and prosperity but also for the country which gave them name, fame and recognition, and we collectively have to brighten its name across the globe. We feel proud of our ancestors, but isn’t it injustice to our children who in the future will have no heroes to feel proud of or look up to? Think for a while and just do it.

We need to reflect deeply and make some Independence Day resolutions. First and foremost we need to make a resolution to put the country first and work for the common good of all people of all religions and races, especially for the thousands who are caught up in a poverty trap to which they have been pushed by a selfish and wicked society.

Another Independence Day resolution could be a commitmen
t to get involved actively in non-party political issues such as poverty alleviation, the battle against climate change and peaceful resolution of conflicts through dialogue instead of resorting to violence. 

Wednesday 1 August 2018

UMAR SATTI - Emerging Talent

Birth Name     Umer Farooq Satti

Stage Name                    Dj Satti

Umar Satti is young and multi-talented individual as a music composer, Disc Jockey, rapper, photographer and an event manager.

He represented himself as an ambassador of PAKISTAN BOY SCOUTS ASSOCIATION on independence day expedition (13 - 14 August, 2005), and recieved an appreciation shield from President of Pakistan Mr Pervaiz Musharaf.

As a Disc Jockey he has achieved the first ranking in Reverbnation billboard in Pakistan, He held that position from 2011 to 2016. He also won the freestyle rap battle competition held in Tresbon F8 on 16 April 2013. His mixtape brown rang was featured on YouTube in the year of 2012. He was also the part of big concert of Punjabi Rapper BOHEMIA in the history of Pakistan in 2014 .

As a photographer, he owns a brand SM Photography Network which has alliances around the globe. He was the part of well-known theater play such as Siachin by Anwar Maqsood, Bananistan, Huwa Kuch Youn, Mujay Kyun Nikala by Anwar Maqsood.

Mixtape Brown Rang by Dj Satti


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