Monday 15 January 2018


Lehtrar is a revenue estate and situated on the Rawalpindi-Kotli Sattian Road. Lehtrar is located 29 km from Islamabad, and 17 km from Kotli Sattian town. It is exactly situated on the foot slopes of Panjpeer Ridge and forms a narrow valley.
The etymology of the word “Lehtrar”, it is supposed that the word is comprised of two words “Lohi” and “Tarer”, which means the cooking slabs. Such slabs are still found in the village.
Lehtrar Bala covers 935 acres of land, of which approximately 50% of the land is being cultivated. The principal crops in the valley are wheat, maize and pulses. The weather remains moderate. The ample water is available through springs. Therefore, the soil is suitable for growing fruit trees and vegetables.
Lehtrar has a small bazar located on the main road serving the goods for local need. Almost all amenities of basic scale are available. The average household size is 5.8% and literacy rate is 87%. 

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