Thursday 18 January 2018


Durnoyan is situated 5 km west of Kotli Sattian. It is linked with a metal road. The village is composed of many small settlements, which are scattered on the slopes facing east and west down towards the Khads. A ridge stands in the center which raises up to Patriata, the highest point of the region.

The top village is named Burj, which means "The Memorial". The Burj was erected by The British Empire in memory of the great soldiers, who took part in the first World War (1914 - 1918), and gave their lives in the battlefield.

The village itself is a Patwar Circle and a union council as well. A small bazar exists at Burj, from where roads are extended to Kotli, Murree, Patriata and Lehtrar via Biaga.

The village covers an area of 2,174 acres. Thirty-six percent of the land is cultivated. There are 1.292 acres of uncultivated. This is due to the rough and steep terrain. The main crops of wheat, maize and potato are sown in small patches of land.

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