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Lt. Arsalan Alam Satti was born (17th April 1995) and raised in the village of Ghel Sattian, Murree. He was the only son and brother of three sisters. 

Arsalan Satti secured regular commission in Pakistan Army by joining Pakistan Military Academy L/C 135 on 13th May 2015 and completed his military training on 15th April 2017. He belonged to 29 Sindh Regiment.

He looked into everything in a different perspective, his desires and goals were no longer surrounded by this petty, mundane world. He was into another world. He wanted to conquer the world but in a way that was beyond our wisdom, a way which seemed to be out of this world but a world full of serenity and bounties.

Arsalan Satti described himself in an intro of his Facebook profile; "I alone can't change the world, but i can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples."

He participated in "Operation Khyber-4" after completion of his training from Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul. In August, "
Operation Khyber-4" in Rajgal Valley had been successfully completed. The operation was launched in July to wipe out terrorists in the valley by targeting their hideouts. The army then established a number of check posts in the border region to stem the movement of militants. Arsalan Satti was promoted to Lieutenant days before his martyrdom and appointed as an Officer Commanding at the high-altitude post next to Afghan border after the military completed its operation against terrorists in the area. He was among those officers and soldiers who were posted to defend the area from cross-border infiltration.

The 22-year-old officer was commanding a post in Rajgal Valley, which borders Afghanistan, when it came under fire from the Afghan side on 23rd September 2017, at 09:00am. Lieutenant Arsalan Satti was shot in the head by a sniper and was airlifted to Peshawar for treatment, but he succumbed to his injures at the Combined Military Hospital in Peshawar.

Arsalan Satti was laid to rest on Sunday 24th September 2017 in his native village Ghel Sattian in Murree with full military honours. 

Lieutenant Arsalan Alam Satti, you surely had it all! ALL HAIL TO YOU!
Lt. Arsalan Alam Satti Shaheed's father Shamsher Alam Satti couldn't bear the loss of his beloved son, he suffered a heart attack on 29th November 2017. He was taken to CMH Murree where he breathed his last.

The Government of Pakistan awarded Sitara-e-Basalat to Lt. Arsalan Alam Satti - Shaheed for his gallantry, after his martyrdom on 23rd March 2019.                                        

By: Anjum Satti

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