Tuesday 9 January 2018


After a very long and competitive process, Shahid Tasllim Satti was selected and awarded to participate in the highly competitive and prestigious fully funded Scholarship Program through the US State Department as a principal candidate from Pakistan. The program was organized by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the United States Department of State. As a cultural ambassador of the country, he presented Pakistan on different international forums.
Shahid Tasllim Satti was also elected as an Executive Board Member of Pakistan USA Alumni Network (PUAN) Islamabad. Presently, he is studying MS in Information Technology from the University of Newcastle, Sydney, Australia. He has completed his Postgraduate in IT from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. Besides this, he has done Masters in Business studies in 2017.
He has studied different courses on HRM, Business Management and Administration in the USA and successfully completed a program of Specialist in HRM and Business Administration and Management with flying colors. He was also involved in Community service and received awards and certifications from US department of state.

In addition to this he worked in HR/Admin/IT department of different organizations in the USA and Pakistan. This experience gave him the opportunity to work with diverse groups in the highly professional environment.

Shahid is also supervising Educational Project with the highly professional team in Pakistan and also mentoring prospective exchange scholars.

Apart from his educational career and social work he is a passionate artist. Since childhood, he was into drawings, paintings, and sketches on various subjects and won many competitions. Mostly he worked on nature and national heroes. According to him, he tries to spread the message of peace through colors. He was officially elected as a graphic designer for the Year Book group project in the USA, he designed many pages for the book and the work was highly appreciated.

Shahid Tasllim Satti originally hails from Santh Anwali, Kotli Sattian.

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