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Berberis Aristata is a thorny shrub belonging to the family Berberidaceae and the genus Berberis. It has yellow root. The flowers are yellow and in corymbose racemes. The fruits are oblong-ovoid or ovoid, bright red berries.

It is widely found in Northern Areas of Pakistan, Mansehra, Balakot, Galyat, Swat and North Waziristan in KPK, Kashmir, Murree and Kotli Sattian hills in Punjab, and also found in different areas of Balochistan.

Berberis Aristata is known as "Sumbal" in local language of Kotli Sattian. Sumbal can treat fatal diseases, including Cancer, Brain tumor, Diabetes, Thyroid glands, Infertility and Arthritis. 


It is a dynamical bush. The old plant is seven to eight feet tall, and It is full of thorns and branches spread around, each thorn is in set of three thorns. Trunk diameter of old plants becomes three to four inches, and the roots are eight to ten feet deep in the ground. This root is used as a herb, its skin is peeled off from the root and then dried in the shade and it’s taste is bitter and colour is yellow. Sumbal flowers flourish in the form of bright yellow clusters, leaves are oblong and sharp-edged, flowers are dispersed after a few days and they are replaced with little green berries, ripening blackish. Its leaves and flowers are eatable with bitter taste. It is used as a treatment of the mouth and throat diseases, and the Powder of Sumbal Root is good for healing cancer patients.


Flowering in Berberis Aristata starts from the first fortnight of March and remains in progress up to the end of April. The peak flowering season under Solan conditions was recorded to be from 8-25 April. The fruit start ripening from the second week of May and continue to do so throughout June. They can be retained on the shrub after ripening for quite a long period, but they fall off soon after the onset of rains. The fruiting season, therefore, ends abruptly with the commencement of the rainy season.

The flowers are hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs) and are pollinated by insects and self. The plant is self-fertile.

The small fruits with their seeds are sweet, with a blend of acid. They are slightly bitter and the bitterness is due to the seeds. The taste and flavour of the fruits is good.


Botanical name : Berberis Aristata
English name : Tree Turmeric, Indian Berberry, Himalayan Berberry
Urdu name : Darhald (Root), Zarishk (Berries), Rassaut (Root bark extract), Sumbal, Sumbloo
Arabic name : Ameerbaarees
Persian name : Filzahra (Root), Zarishk (Berries)
Baloch name : Zaril, Koroy
Pashto name : Zarilragay, Koroy
Kashmiri name : Rassashud (Root bark extrat), Kaw Dach Mool (Root)
Punjabi name : Rassaut, Sumlu
Pahari name : Sumbal
Chinese name : Huang Lian
German name : Indischer Berberitze
French name : Epine-vinette d’lnde
Hindi Name : Rasaut (Root Bark Extract), Darhald (Root), Zarishk (Berries)
Nepali Name : Chutro

Cancer (All Types):

Mix the Sumbal and the Turmeric powder in same weight. Fill the mixture in double zero sized capsules. Take one capsule after morning and evening meals, with milk. Cancer of every type will be controlled within a month.
  1. Mouth or Breast Cancer: Mix the Kushta Sunkh (کشتہ سنکھ), Sumbal and Turmeric powder in same weight. Use a double zero sized fill capsule 3 times a day, after meals with Dhamasa soaked water.
  2. Soak the small piece of Sumbal in a bowl of water in the evening, and drink in the morning, before meal. Similarly soak in the morning and drink in the evening.

    Brain Tumor:

    Take Siris tree bark, Kushta Sunkh, Sumbal and Turmeric Powder in the same weight. Add sum sugar and fill in double zero sized capsules. Diabetic patients may exclude sugar. Take one capsule thrice a day, after meals with Dhamasa soaked water. Continue it for 3 to 4 months for complete health.

    Cancerous Sore:

    Use half filled double zero sized capsule of Sumbal Powder thrice a day with fresh water or milk. The sore will be healed within 20 days.

    Mouth Disease:

    Sumbloo can also be used in mouth or sore throat. Hust keep small piece of Sumbloo in mouth and sleep. The bitter Sumbal water goes through mouth and throat and patient is healed within a night.


    Take half-filled double sized capsule of mixed powder of Sumbal, Galingale (پان کی جڑ) and Jujube (عُناب) in same weight, twice a day, after meals.

    Pawn Ribs or Neck Pain:

    Take half-filled, double zero sized capsules of Sumbal powder, twice a day, after meals.
    Best Toothpaste: Mix Sumbal Powder equal to half the quantity of a good toothpaste, Now use it like a toothpaste.

    Thyroid Glands:

    Mix the Kushta Sunkh, Turmeric, Sumbal and Arsenic Powder No. 2 in the same weight and fill it in double-zero sized capsule. Take one capsule twice a day, with milk, for two to three months. You can also keep a small piece of Sumbal in mouth at night will also help healing Thyroid.

    Chronic Wounds:

    Just sprinkle the Sumbal powder on chronic wounds, to cure them, and also take a small quantity of it twice a day, with water or milk.


    Take small quantity of Sumbal twice a day with milk. You can also drink Sumbal soaked water twice a day before meals. To get rid of diabetes, soak a small piece Sumbal in a bowl of water at night and drink in morning. Similarly, soak in morning and drink before night meal.


    Take small quantity of Sumbal powder with milk, at night. Pain will be relieved within two or three days.Boil the two or three pieces of Sumbal, and drink. The joint pain will be removed.


    Fill the double zero sized capsule with Kushta Sunkh, turmeric and Sumbal powder in equal weight, and take thrice a day with milk, for at least six months.

    Broken Bones:

    Mix Sumbal Powder in white part of eggs and apply on broken bone. Also bind strongly if possible. the bone will rejoin in 20 days.


    Soak one piece of Sumbal in a bowl of water in the evening and drink in the morning before meal. Again do the same in the morning and drink in the evening before evening meal.

    Enlargement of Liver or Spleen:

    Prepare green tea of Sumbal and take before meals, twice a day.

    Stomach Worms:

    Take a small quantity of Sumbal powder early morning with water to get rid of Stomach Worms, within two to three days. You can repeat the process if needed.

    Diarrhea and Cramps: Mix Sumbal and dried Ginger powder in same weight and take thrice a day with milk or water.

    Side Effects Sumbal is safe for use but because of the berberine it contains, it must not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women and should not be administered to newborns.

    Reference : Watt (1889)
                       Healthy Manners

    Research : Anjum Satti


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