Wednesday 3 January 2018


The People of Kotli Sattian are generally well built and of balanced height, sturdy and strong, hardworking and fair in complexion. They are proud of their ancestors and pure-blood.

The people of this region are inborn soldiers and belong to the martial races in the northwest of the sub-continent. They possess a distinctive place and role in the

Armed Forces of Pakistan. Subdivision Kotli Sattian is the home of prosperous families, Bureaucrats and high rank military officers, who prefer to live in the glitz and glitter that is Islamabad.

There are four principal tribes that reside in the Subdivision. The Sattis are in absolute majority. The second major tribe is the Dhanial, who are in majority in the Karor area, comprising six villages. Karor is the central settlement.

The next major tribe is the Abbasi. This tribe occupies the whole village of karor. Also, the Abbasi families are scattered through the subdivision but in quite limited numbers.

The other major tribe is the Kethwal. They have a whole village named Dhirkot Kethwalan, and they also live in Phofandi and Balawara.

Sadaat who possess a distinct status among the people and respected, The Dhok Seelah, Karl, Burhad, Patian and Mori settlements are where Sadaat are in good numbers. There are still a number of families long inhabited in the area. However, they are not called by their actual family name. They are known by their age-old professions.

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