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Wednesday 15 November 2017


All I see on social media nowadays is that everyone talks about development and improvement in Kotli Sattian, but the dilemma is that all the development activities are limited to social media. Majority of the people are too involved in politics on the basis of favoritism and they don’t know their priorities and requirements of 21st century.

In my personal opinion first we need to spread awareness in the masses, need to reform people, need to highlight the importance of education. When our people are aware and able to understand, then we can move towards development and improvement.

Some people think if they get local leadership then it will change their destiny. Well, Decades ago Shahid Riaz Satti and Col Yamin Satti represented Kotli Sattian region but nothing changed at bigger scale. If someone from Kotli Sattian gets ticket in forthcoming elections, again I don’t think they will bring massive change in the region except building a few roads, recruiting some people as a peon, security guard or clerk in any organisation. So, we need to look at the bigger picture.

Actually, I’m not opposing the idea of involvement in politics, if we are involved in politics then we should know how to get our rights, we should know how to protest for our rights, how to convey our issues to our representatives to get things done. Hence, we need to stop the politics of favoritism, just think about the development of region regardless of any party affiliations.

I think apart from relying on politicians now we should take part in development on self help basis. So, my preference is to spread awareness and promote education in the region because education and awareness is the logical solution. If anyone of you are on the same page then please join me in my struggle and discuss the solutions and make our region and country a great place.

Sunday 12 November 2017

5 Girls Schools of Kotli Sattian won International Schools award

Recently, five schools of Kotli Sattian Subdivision won the international schools award in several educational activities, held by British Council.
Here are the best performing Schools 

1. Girls high school, Mirzapur 
2. Girls high school, Bhan Seri
3. Girls high school, Lehtrar
4. Girls primary school, Chevra
5. Girls primary school, Kotli Sattian town

Teachers and headteachers are invited on 14th November 2017 at Marriot Hotel Islamabad to receive awards from Secretary Education Dr. Allah Bakhsh for their brilliant performance.

In this project of British council 50 schools have been selected from the Punjab province, and 20 of them are from District Rawalpindi.

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Friday 3 November 2017

15 Schools of Tehsil Murree and Kotli Sattian upgraded to higher levels

 The Punjab government has upgraded 15 schools to the levels of elementary, secondary and higher secondary in the constituency of PP-1 Punjab. These schools are situated in different Union Councils of Tehsil Murree and Kotli Sattian. 107 posts are also created following the demand of the staff after the up-gradation of 15 schools recently approved by Punjab Government.
While talking to Capital Times Arshed Abbasi PMLN leader and coordinator to Provincial Minister for Labour and Men Power Raja Ashfaq Sarwar confirmed the news and said that keeping in view the need of the students to upgrade these schools Provincial Minister and PMLN leadership of the area made every efforts and finally 15 schools are upgraded to next levels.
A senior official of the education department told Capital Times that the ruling party’s leader Raja Ashfaq Sarwar had recommended the schemes which the provincial government approved.
“We are happy that we will have to go nowhere else as our own school has been upgraded to high school,” said Maria, a student. “We are from poor families and it was difficult for us to send our daughters to remote areas to seek education for matric classes. Upgradation of the school has resolved our problems,” said a group of parents.
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