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Monday 5 March 2018


Pervaiz Satti is a clinical psychologist, a lawyer and a philanthropist. He worked in an international project of World Health Organisation (WHO) as a clinical psychologist, he had been working in various states of America, having International Affiliate status of American Psychological Association Washington D.C since 1997. Prior to this he worked as a clinical psychologist in the department of Psychiatry Rawalpindi General Hospital (now Benazir Bhutto Hospital).

Currently he is residing in Islamabad and imparting free psychological services to deserving cases about mental health counselling and psychotherapy in Islamabad, United kingdom and United States. He has profound inclination for humanitarianism and innate tendency of philanthropy.

Pervaiz Satti obtained his PhD in clinical psychology and he earned his masters degree with university distinction.

In addition to this he is a lawyer as well. His law degree helped him greatly in his research work in the field of "psychology and criminology", "hates and crimes", "cognitive functions and abnormal behaviours".  


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