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N/Risaldar Muhammad Khaliq Satti (Sitara-e-Jurat)

Muhammad Khaliq Satti known as Naib Risaldar Khaliq of 25 Cavalry regiment was a group commander in the Pakistan Army who received the third highest military award Sitara-e-Jurat (Star of Courage) for valour.  He is also known as "Man of Steel" and "Hero of Chawinda". Risaldar Khaliq embraced martyrdom on 16th September 1965 at Chawinda in Sialkot sector. The Battle of Chawinda was one of the largest tank battles in the history since the Battle of Kursk in World War IIThe initial clashes at Chawinda coincided with the tank battle near Phillora and the fighting intensified once the Pakistani forces at Phillora retreated. However, the Indian assault was repelled, resulting in a Pakistani victory. The battle finally ended due to the UN ceasefire of the 1965 war.

The GHQ came to know that Indian thrust along Chawinda-Pasrur was to be the main effort of the Indian army. Pakistan’s 6th Armored Division was rushed to check and decimate the Indian armoured thrust on the anvil provided by 25 Cavalry. The regiment was awarded five Sitara-e-Jurrat awards, ten Tamgha-e-Jurrat and other gallantry awards. The recipients of the Sitara-e-Jurrat included Lt Colonel Nisar, Major Ahmed, Major Raza, Risladar Riazul Hasan and Naib Risladar Khaliq Satti (Shaheed). The ‘Men of Steel’ became the most decorated unit of Pak Army in one single action.

General Abrar Hussain (Hilal-e-Jurat) who remains one of Pakistan's most successful field commanders, writes in his book (Men of Steel: 6th armoured Division in the 1965 war)

"Naib Risladar Khaliq Satti (Shaheed SJ) could have even earned a Nishan-e-Haider and warrants a detailed study in junior leadership. This enigmatic and brave son of the soil remains a beacon of light for officers and men of the Pakistan Army." 

Khaliq Satti was born in Mateel, Kotli Sattian, and he was the first ever recipient of Sitara-e-Jurat from Satti tribe. He was a brave and patriotic soldier, prior to join the Pakistan Army he was a school teacher. Apart from that he was an excellent player of basketball and visited several countries in this regard. 

N/R Khaliq showed gallantry and great leadership skills during Gadgore attack. In the earlier part of the night 7/ 8 Sept, the 25 Cavalry Regiment was ordered to move to Narowal immediately and stop the enemy which had crossed over Jassar Bridge and was moving to Pasrur on Narowal - Pasrur Road. Major Shamshad Khan's troop was to attack the right half of the village while Naib Risaldar Khaliq's troop was to attack the left half of the village. Naib Risaldar Sultan Bhadur's troop was to move on the track as reserve. The attack had been launched and successfully cleared the Gadgore on 08th of September.

The enemy launched probing attacks frontally on Chawinda on 12th and 13th of September. Khaliq handled the situation effectively by hitting enemy tanks and losing one along with the driver in the process on 12th. 

On 14th of September Khaliq Shaheed simultaneously picked up this movement and reported to the Squadron Commander who was positioned at Nogazza, in general area MS 5 behind Chawinda. After capturing Buttardograndi, Risaldar Khaliq moved forward but immediately after that three tanks got shot up at railway station. The death of two leading unit commanders, at the crucial stage resulted in breaking the momentum of attack. At 1700 hours Khaliq Satti counter-attacked after intensive preparatory bombardment on enemy. The fierce tank battle continued, as a result Pakistan Army lost eight tanks and destroyed more than a dozen enemy's tanks.

 N/R Khaliq was fighting gallantly for five consecutive days. He was such a brave and courageous soldier as he used to come out of his tank cupola to observe the movement of the enemy properly to attack them, although enemy soldiers never dared to come out of their tanks. He and one of his colleague arrested a few enemy soldiers. When Khaliq came back to the camp to take some rest before going for his final mission, He took a bath and said to his fellows "I feel like time of Shahadat (martyrdom) is near".

And again he left for the battlefield as a group commander to cause more damage to the enemy, as he had already destroyed several enemy tanks in last five days. He was engaged with enemy in battlefield as he received a message from his colleague who was surrounded by enemy soldiers, he responded quickly and saved his colleague, but soon after that Khaliq was hit by mortar fire on his chest from a nearby sugarcane field, he jumped out of the tank to save the tank to catch fire and embraced martyrdom on the spot. 

He was described as a very helpful person, extraordinarily brave and patriotic soldier, who took great care of his troops and colleagues. Although a few know this unsung hero today. May Allah elevate his darajat in Jannah, Ameen.

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