Thursday 14 December 2017


Dr. Hafeez is a CTO and founder of SUB ASSOCIATES (Satti Universal Business), based in California, USA. He is from Perchan, Kotli Sattian.

Hafeez Satti is a proven High Tech executive with over 25 Years of Silicon Valley business and technology knowledge. He has a Track Record of success as an Executive at both large multi-national technology firms & Silicon Valley startups. He has led Multi-national teams, both large and small through difficult Turn-Arounds, and succeeded in very challenging business environments. He excels at simultaneously balancing Business, Technology, logistics, professional staffing and financial issues.
His support for his clients in achieving their business goals to surpass current microelectronics, fiber optics, semiconductor, wireless communications, LEDs, LDs, clean technology, solar energy, and nanotechnology industry standards. The comprehensive training and “unified front” philosophy enables us to deliver the level and quality of our service regardless of the customer’s approach.

He has held several high-level technical, business development, marketing and managerial positions including CTO, VP Business Development, Principal Technologist, program manager, Principal Applications engineer, Executive Director Sales & Marketing, Program Director, Adjunct faculty member and Research Engineer. He has worked with culturally diverse people and demonstrated strengths in strategic planning and organization.

In addition to a Ph.D course work in optics, Hafeez Satti holds a Masters in Electrical Engineering and Masters in Engineering Management from Florida Institute of Technology; holds Masters in Nuclear Physics from Government College University, Lahore and M.Phil in solid state physics from University of the Punjab, Lahore. His accomplished career includes: characterization & optimization of RTP for micro-contamination & Silicide formation in semiconductor processing and equipment. His excellent research work in designing and building first multi-target chamber used to study nuclear energy levels of light nuclei with (proton, gamma) reaction before the cluster tool concept was a major breakthrough in research arena. In addition he has extensive work experience on photo-conductivity of the refractory metals in UHV systems. His significant contribution to the semiconductor processing clustered tool is distinctive.


Hafeez Satti has conducted a variety of seminars and training courses including Stress Management, TQM, CRM, QSS, Conflict Resolution, Employment Uniqueness, Instructional Techniques, Future Technology Market Trend, Semi Conductor Processing, OEM requirements and III-V Market.

Areas of Expertise Include:

• Resolving Complex Issues at Corporate, Divisional and Team levels.
• Strategic Planning for Business, Technology and Intellectual Property.
• Global business management, Sales, marketing & product development.
• Business Results & processes for both startups and large corporations.
• Organizational Development, Team structure and Driving Execution.


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