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Monday 10 September 2018


SSG Commando Ali Akbar Satti (Late) of 2nd Commando Rahbar Battalion, one of the most decorated Junior Commissioned Officer of his time, served SSG of Pakistan Army for 28 years, who executed several covert operations inside enemy’s den. 

He was a jump-master with over 300 para jumps, who Represented Pakistan as a member of International free fall teams for 16 years.

Ali Akbar Satti was the member of the SSG team, who conducted operations on the Siachen Glacier against Indian positions at -30 temperatures on Ice covered Peaks, under the command of Brigadier TM Tiger. 

He also Participated in several counter terrorism operations. When PIA Fokker was hijacked, he was among the SSG team, who reclaimed the plane and apprehended all 3 hijackers. None of the passengers were harmed during the assault.

Ali Akbar Satti was known for his close association with Brigadier TM Tiger, a notable commander of SSG. 

Brave heart Commando Ali Akbar Satti hailed from Narrar, Kahuta, who passed away in 2013. May Allah bless his soul. Ameen.

Monday 13 November 2017


Captain Bilal Zafar (1982-2009) (Urduبلال ظفر‎) was a Pakistan Army officer who received Sitara-e-Basalat on 62nd Independence Day of Pakistan. He was a Captain in 42 Baloch Regiment(MIB).

He was born at Rawalpindi on 2 February 1982. Bilal Zafar got his early education at St Paul’s Cambridge School, Rawalpindi and Government College university Lahore , Rawalpindi.

He belonged to a prominent family of Karore, Kotli Sattian with military background. 

His father, Zafar Tajamul, is a retired captain. His grandfather, Colonel Tajammal Hussain was a commissioned officer in British Indian Army. He fought Second World War and remained a PoW. Later on, he joined INA. After Independence he opted for Pakistan Army. He volunteered for war of independence of Kashmir. He raised and commanded first Bagh Brigade and fought on Poonch front. For his valour and bravery, he was awarded with medal of FAKHR-E-KASHMIR. He remained Defence Secretary for Azad Kashmir govt. Later on, he raised civil Defence department.

The great-grandfather of Captain Bilal Subedar Lal Khan fought First World War. He gave his life during action. For his death in combat, he was awarded INDIAN ORDER OF MERIT - the second highest military award.

His brother Captain Zarrar is also a commando officer, participated in many operations.

He joined Pakistan Army in 2001 and was commissioned into 42 Baloch Regiment(Al-Havi) on 12 October 2003. Later, he joined SSG.

Operation Rah-e-Rast began in May 2009 and involved the Pakistan Army and Taliban militants in a fight for control of the Swat district of Pakistan. SSG started an operation 'Janbaz' to clear Swat valley from militants. His company was given task to clear Swat-Peochar Road. During this operation, Captain Bilal Zafar embraced shahadat on 17 May 2009. He was hit by a rocket launcher on his chest. One day after his death, he was buried in his native village Karore Kotli Sattian on 18 May 2009. Government of Pakistan announced Sitara-e-Basalat for him on 62nd Independence of Pakistan.



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