Sunday 12 November 2017


On the southwest side of the Kotli Sattian lies the well known village KAROR which is quite adjacent to the Islamabad. It is the settlement of the great warriors of the first and Second World Wars.

The village is situated about 22 km from Kotli Sattian and is easily approachable by metal roads from all sides. The village area is 3,001 acres. The soil is suitable for cultivating local crops but the inhabitants prefer to get employment in cities and towns. Forty percent of the population of the village has temporarily shifted to the big cities to avail themselves to the modern facilities and to have their children educated in the better schools.

The average household size in 5.8% and rate of literacy is 78.5%
Karor is a Patwar Circle and headquarters of the union council. There are two high schools, one for boys and one for girls. There is also a middle school for boys and two primary schools for both sexes in every settlement.

 Karor also has a police post that was established in the beginning of the British rule. A forest range with a rest house also exists. Moreover, a B.H.U., agricultural extension service, sub post office. A small bazar and a bank are also available as an amenity.

How to get there from Islamabad

Take Lehtrar road from Islamabad and turn left from Chirah chowk towards Simli Dam and Patriata. In about fifteen minutes, you would bypass Simli Dam and see the spill way on your left, drive another 10-15 minutes through hills and it will lead you to Karore.


                                                    Photo by Rocking Jungly
Photo by Khizer Bajwa

                                   Reference : "A handbook of Kotli Sattian"

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  1. Very beautiful valley. I have stayed in Forest Rest House twice. Please let me know the location of above mentioned waterfall.



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