Sunday 4 October 2020


Dr. Uzma Anjum Satti is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English at Air university, Islamabad. She obtained her PhD in Linguistics from National University of Modern Languages (NUML).

Her PhD research was on a dying language spoken in Bandi shungli area of Mansehra district, with 500 speakers. Dr Uzma’s study became instrumental for enlisting this language in the linguistic map of Pakistan by Ethnologue, which is a World Wide Web for languages and linguistics diversity. This study was brought forward by a US university and won a very prestigious funding from National Sciences foundation, USA.

A nameless language spoken by a very limited population in a remote hilly terrain of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) gets international recognition after its enlistment in `Ethnologue Languages of the World’ in the name of `Mankiyali’.

According to BBC, the Mankiyali did not have any name and people used to recognize it with different titles like Tarawari, Tarawara and Apanpari (own language).

‘Mankiyali’ is spoken by around 500 people in a secluded hilltop village, Danna, in the Union Council Bandi Shungli, a remote mountainous area in Manshera district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Dr Uzma’s latest research is on reduplication, lexical borrowing and structural ambiguity of Pahari/Pothohari language. Her students have defended these researches successfully, and currently she is working on publishing these researches.

Dr Uzma Anjum co-authored 10 publications. Her research interests are Sociolinguistics, Language and Gender, Language shift and Language Documentation. She hails from Lehtrar (Pallan), Rawalpindi district.


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