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Monday 7 May 2018


The village of Thoon is situated about 20 km eastward from the main road that lies between Rawalpindi and Kotli Sattian. It stands on steep slopes which raise from the Jhelum river upward to the top of the Narrar Peak (Panjpeer). The maximum height of the settlement is 3,953 feet above sea level. 

The Jhelum river flows at the foot and Khad Thoon joins in it. This separates the village from the other villages in the north. The village along with its many settlements are spread on slopes that face the northeast. It is surrounded by evergreen woods and presents a picturesque view.

This village is unique among Sattis, because the founding father of the Satti Tribe, Baba Satti was born in this village and this is the fundamental settlement of the tribe. Some antiquities related to the forefathers, particularly the father of the tribe still exist and call the tribesmen to come forward and preserve these legacies in reference to your history. 


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