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Thursday 28 November 2019


On Thursday night, 13 November 2019, when the 31st edition of the annual awards saw the major prize shared between climate change activist Sophie Handford and Muslim community leader Tahir Nawaz Satti.

International Muslim Association of New Zealand president Tahir Nawaz, who also won the community service category, has strived to bring Kiwis of all backgrounds closer together following the terror attacks at two Christchurch mosques in March.

His message has been for people to put aside their differences and unite against racism and discrimination. Tahir Nawaz dedicated this year's annual Kilbirnie Mosque open day to thanking the wider community for their support and friendship following the attacks.

"The purpose is so people can come together, have some refreshments, and ask questions," he said at the time. He said he was overwhelmed by the respect shown by the community following the attacks. "We are more close and our bonds more strong. The whole nation is supporting us and helping us."
Dominion Post editor Eric Janssen said the winners and their response were a clear reflection of events that dominated New Zealand headlines in 2019. In such a confronting year for New Zealanders, there's been a crying need for our winners, their strength and convictions, and their voices. Without Sophie and Tahir's leadership, respectively, we might fear even more for our future, and struggle even more to find peace after unprecedented pain.
Judges convenor John Dow said Sophie Handford and Tahir Nawaz had demonstrated local and national leadership on issues and incidents that had resonated throughout the world this year. It was therefore fitting that they were chosen as people who had touched the lives and sensibilities of large numbers of Wellingtonians, and the community were justifiably proud of their work and commitment.

The awards were held at Te Papa's Wellington Foyer and were attended by more than 400 people.

Reference: Dominion Post

Friday 29 March 2019

TAHIR NAWAZ SATTI - President of the International Muslim Association of New Zealand(IMAN)

Recitation of Holy Quran has opened the first sitting of New Zealand Parliament after the Christchurch mosque terror attack on 15 march which claimed 50 lives. Politicians stood in reverent silence as the recitation from Imam Nizam ul haq Thanvi rang around the House in Arabic.
A prayer in English was then delivered by Imam Tahir Nawaz.
Tahir Nawaz was selected as the President of the International Muslim Association of New Zealand(IMAN) in June 2015. He has been the member of the association from over 18 years.
He was born and raised in Karachi, who moved to New Zealand nearly two decades ago. Although his ancestral land is Kotli Sattian.


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