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Tuesday 28 November 2017


By: Agha H Amin

I had the honour of meeting Ex Brigadier Sadiq Khan Satti (Military Cross) in January 1982, when he was writing his book Bang E Dara in English.

I must add that most substantial soldiers I have met or read about in life belong to Murree and Kotli Sattian tehsil of Rawalpindi District.

Ex Brigadier Sadiq Khan Satti, the subject of this write up. Brave warrior against a set of hopeless politicians who dared not step into Kashmir during the entire time that 1947-48 war was fought, although Nehru was roaming around in Kashmir as if it was a market place behind his house in Delhi.

Great war hero of 1947-48 war Brigadier Tommy Masaud Khan Satti, who boldly took the armoured  cars of Pavo 11 cavalry in Kashmir and captured Bhimber, Mirpur and Chamb.

Great Major Zohrab Abbasi 15 SP a member of a court of inquiry, who supported me like a lion, against all odds including a hostile Brigade commander and commanding officer and helped vindicate my position against my commanding officer.

Brigadier Muhammad  Taj Abbasi SJ and Bar, who i had the honour of interviewing in early 2001.

Risaldar Maghfoor Shah (Pindi), who was a great and loyal friend. 

Major Shahid Naeem Satti, 22 Cavalry, a great colleague and senior in tactical wing armour school. His father was also a good friend of my father in the corps of Engineers. 

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                                                          Brigadier Taj Abbasi


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