Friday 13 April 2018


Lt General (r) Salahuddin Satti is a chancellor of the Iqra University, Karachi, and the Member of Advisory Board at The South Asian Strategic Stability Institute (SASSI).  He was appointed as a chancellor in October 2016.

He was also appointed as the ambassador of Pakistan to Brunei in 2009. Prior to this he served as a Chief of General Staff, Deputy DG ISI, Corps Commander Rawalpindi and DG Rangers Sindh during his tenure in the Pakistan Army. 

 Salahuddin Satti is known for his close association with ex President Musharraf which dates back to the latter’s tenure in Siachen. He had served with the Special Services Group (SSG) in Siachen as a Brigadier. In fact, Musharraf’s dependence on Satti could be gauged from the fact that he was appointed as Brigadier General 111 Brigade, in September 1999 to checkmate Sharif’s plans to oust Musharraf. The 111 Brigade, part of the Rawalpindi Corps, protects Islamabad and is the first military respondent in case of a coup. 

Satti later worked as the Chief of Staff at the 10 Corps HQ Chaklala and as a Brigade Major under Musharraf. He was promoted to Major General on December 7, 1999. He has served as DG Rangers and Deputy DG ISI. From the Punjab Regiment, Satti, in his 36 years of service, has commanded an Infantry Division and an Infantry Brigade. He is a graduate of the Command and Staff College, Quetta, National Defence College, Islamabad and Turkish Armed Forces War College. General Satti is considered as a highly competent officer in the military circles. As the Chief of General Staff (CGS), he supervised army intelligence and operations.


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