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Friday 20 July 2018


Pakistan's People Led Disaster Management Movement, (PPLDM) is based on the belief that disaster management should be in the hands of the people, not just the state.Those most vulnerable to natural disasters are most motivated to undertake risk reduction measures and imagine innovative ways of surviving natural disasters.

Climate change dictates that we reinvent societal existence through collective endeavor. PPLDM will grow from strength to strength because our chief resource is "knowledge based endeavor."​Our mission statement is "Knowledge and endeavor are endless resources." Our job is to ring the alarm whenever we see a potential disaster in the making by attempting to motivate both government and the people to take positive steps to reduce the risk. We are in the process of revolutionizing disaster management in Pakistan.


PPLDM’s first activity related to promoting public education on disasters in Pakistan is the upcoming publication, “PAKISTAN’S DISASTER RISK ANALYSIS.” To be published in both Urdu and English, the book is a comprehensive account of all the major disasters Pakistanis stand the risk of facing.

PPLDM’s founder Zeenia Sadiq Satti started advocating for earthquake risk reduction of Rawalpindi city in 2014, even before PPLDM formally existed as an NGO. A walk down the city and observation of its structures led her to conclude there was dire need for earthquake risk reduction at three levels:

  • Hazard mapping of Rawalpindi city to ascertain the level and scale of risk
  • Teaching of CBERM (Community Based Earthquake Risk Management) skills
  • Retrofitting of critical life-saving structures such as hospitals and building that serve as transitional shelters.

  • Contact

    Field Address : Parhinna Gallery, Kamra, Kotli Sattian, District Rawalpindi 

    Email :


Monday 5 March 2018


An avid reader, Hajra Amjad Satti is a freelance writer and blogger who is always in search for a breaking news story. A learner by nature, she loves to travel because for her real education lies in a new adventure. Hajra is a strong advocate for nature conservation and has written extensively on the perils of nature degradation. A student of Mass Communication at National University of Science and Technology (NUST), she has worked at the University newspaper- Pakistan Ink as a correspondent as well as the Editor. Writing is what Hajra defines as her true calling and it is what she plans to take up as a profession. She can be reached at

Wednesday 7 February 2018


Sharena Satti is a poet, born on 7th of February 1984 in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. She started writing at a very young age. It was her childhood that sparked the gift of poetry and it soon became her saviour and guide. It gave her a meaning to life and a new direction.

She published her first book "Testing Times" in January 2017, this book contains a variety of poems covering different topics all really relevant to today's society. And her second book "Broken Chains" was recently published in January 2018, this book will allow you to explore the mind of a poet, you will connect to her spiritually and visualise her world. She is currently working on her new book "Phoenix The Reborn". 

Sharena Satti mainly write about life experiences, they have always been her driven force when writing poetry, the more emotion the more real the poem feels. She loves seeking inspiration from nature and the outdoors, where she feels at complete home. Poetry allows herself to express her emotions without bottling them up.

She seeks inspiration from piano music, looking at the moon and stars, weather change, open nature, her children, people and human emotions. Sharena Satti is happily married and mother of three girls, who are her universe and her inspiration.

Click here to visit her blog "MomentousTreasures"

Click here to visit her Poetry page on Facebook



Pakistan's People Led Disaster Management Movement , (PPLDM) is based on the belief that disaster management should be in the hands of...