Friday 31 May 2019


Today is the 6th martyrdom anniversary of the hero of Muhammadi Top Captain Hassan Javaid Satti Shaheed.

Captain Hassan Javaid Shaheed embraced martyrdom at Muhammadi Top in Tirah Valley, Kurram Agency on 31st May 2013, during operation Al-Mizan.

Muhammadi Top has been renamed as “Captain Hassan Top” to pay tribute to Captain Hassan Musahib Javaid Satti Shaheed, Sitara-e-Basalat. He joined 23 Baloch Regiment of Pakistan Army with 116 PMA Long Course - Saad Company.

On the night of 30th-31st May 2013, Captain Hassan Javaid's Company was given a task to capture and take control over a strategically important Height Muhammadi Top in Kurram Agency. Captain Hassan volunteered himself for the difficult approach, he scaled a rugged mountainous terrain for over 11 hours with combat load of approximately 30 Kg and reached the target area in surprisingly short time.

He led his men from the front, the other two companies approaching from left and front were held back due to intense enemy attack. He established contact with the Terrorists and fought for 1 hour and 15 minutes. In order to provide relief to the pinned down Companies, he diverted the terrorists’ fire towards him.
He received a bullet in his face and embraced Shahadat right on the spot during the intense fight. The Government of Pakistan awarded him Sitara-e-Bisalat for his bravery and courage. He hailed from Chonor, Tehsil Kahuta, District Rawalpindi.

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