Saturday 25 July 2020


Dr Muhammad Gulzaid Satti was born in a hilly village of Kotli Sattian in Rawalpindi district, who came from a very modest background. He was a brilliant and an extremely motivated student, who also took part in extracurricular activities. He was an excellent player of volleyball. However this phase in his life was short lived as he had to leave his studies due to financial circumstances. Later he completed the required courses and joined the Education department as a teacher. His extremely motivated personality meant that he always persevered. Throughout his career he continued with higher studies.

He received his PhD in Human Resource Management (HRM) from Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, MPhil in Education, Masters in Education Planning and Management, Masters in Arabic, Masters in Islamic Studies, M.Ed and TEFL from University of Punjab, Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi, AIOU and NUML.

He served as a Regional and Course Coordinator of AIOU for over 20 years, and conducted hundreds of teacher training workshops and events. He also served as a principal of Government Madrasa Millia Islamia High School, Rawalpindi.

People describe him as “a born scholar and an influential personality. From academic to professional and social life he proved himself a leader.”

He passed away on 15th November 2013. May Allah grant him the highest rank in Jannah, Ameen.

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