Thursday 19 October 2017


Khusrow I was the king of the Sasanian Empire and was also known as Anushiruwan or Nausherwan-i-Aadil (Nausherwan the Just). He was one of their most celebrated Kings and was responsible for many reforms in his time, the most important being the tax reforms which were emulated by many others after him. Such was his legacy that his name became synonymous with the title of a King like Caesar.

Not only was he a wise and just administrator and King, he was also a patron of the Arts and almost all great cultural milestones in Iran is attributed to his time including the epic Shahnameh by Firdowsi. Legend has it that once a man sold his house to another man and the latter found a treasure there which he wanted to return to the old owner but the old owner would have none of it. Facing a state of stalemate and indecision, they reached Nausherwan for a solution. Nausherwan got their children married and gifted them the invaluable treasure. He was an ambitious ruler who won many wars but he was not at all obsessed with the idea of expanding his empire; he was rather given to improving the quality of life even within the empire. He led his people into a golden age which sadly did not last long after his death.

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